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Description:   GEDCOM compatible, submitted to the FHD of the LDS
Works with all the 128 tags of the GEDCOM 5.5 standard
Controls the characteristics of the GEDCOM file
Import in GEDCOM format
Export in GEDCOM format (Registered version)
Exceptional ability to visualize the familiar relations thanks to the possibility to move among several the types of tree
Possibility to collect images and sounds and all the multimedia files
Visualization and insertion of the information with free outline. Create your own structure for the information without the restrictions of the usual windows
Insert embedded or linked data
Linked events
Write the history of one family inserting the facts of the official history
Calendar of the recurrences of the family
Print the trees inserting images (Registered version)
Multiple previews of the tree to print
Management of the back up and the recovery of the multimedia files. Indispensable importing GEDCOM files with objects
Functions for the search, for the control of the coherence of the dates and the validity of the connections
Abilities to refine a search adding ulterior conditions
Delete from the archives the results of a search
Partial export of archives
Imports the headings, the senders and the descriptions of the content of the GEDCOM files
Connects the individuals and the families to the senders of the files
At the moment of the insertion or the modification of a data, it proposes the catalogue of all previous data in all the archives
Uses the Muslim, Hebrew, Julian, Gregorian and French revolutionary calendar
Order children, spouses, parents and all data
Repair archives
Direct import-export without GEDCOM
Custom file commander, process many files at once
Max field size chars
Spell and grammar check
Printing with PowerPoint (Registered version)
ANSI, ANSEL and UTF-8 import
ANSI and UTF-8 export
Find function with parameters

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